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Do you know the Winning Combination to Kill German Cockroaches?

Winning Combination to rid German Cockroaches with Surekill Pest Control on the Central Coast, NSW

Pest Control Technicians are trained in the winning combination for cockroach treatment. The aim of the winning treatment is for you the customer to be 100% satisfied and for the Pest Control Company to have no service calls.

Is the winning combination of how to get rid of German Cockroaches a secret?

Yes, but we will share our secret of pest control with you. We want you to be informed, so you get the best service that you deserve. If you understand the winning combination treatment then you know what to expect from our Technicians.

Firstly, the Pest Control Technician does a Site Inspection:-

  • Discusses the cockroach problem with you

  • Finds all cockroach evidence

  • Searches with torch to find all harbourage areas.


GEL: applied to known and seen harbourage areas (e.g. kitchen cupboards)

SPRAY: spray surfaces to known and seen harbourage areas (e.g. around fridge, dishwasher and skirting boards)

DUST: dust is applied to known and seen harbourage areas (e.g. under electrical appliances, in the roof and subfloor)

If Our Technician has WON the treatment against German Cockroaches:-

  • Cockroaches are dead or on deaths door

  • You want to tell your friends and family about the winning combination treatment

  • Call Surekill Pest Control Company again when you have your next pest problem

If Our Technician has LOST the treatment against German Cockroaches:-

  • Live german cockroaches running around

  • Service call required

  • Senior Technician sent to rid cockroach problem

  • Call Surekill Pest Control again and give us a second chance to do it in one go.

Please, remember that we are treating a live insect. Sometimes it can take one or two treatments, but in the majority of cases if it is done correctly the first time you will have a win. Note: that is why the second time we send a Senior Technician. They check the job was done correctly. They then assess the area and treat where necessary. If you see the same person then you know they are an experienced Technician and will assess the problem and make sure you get success.

During your German Cockroach Treatment when chatting with our Technician about where you have seen the cockroaches, remember, to discuss our Winning Combination Treatment.

Your Friends in Pest Control,

Surekill Pest Control

Surekill Pest Control Cockroach Treatment on the Central Coast

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