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Flea Treatment


Getting Bitten

How do we get rid of pesty Fleas?

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Below is our guide to a successful Flea Treatment. 

  • Booking Information

  • Customer Preparations

  • After Treatment 

  • How to Keep fleas Away?

  • For Flea behaviour, lifecycle and facts press the Flea Button




Booking Information

Job Booking - Time and Duration

Flea Treatment duration is approximately 45 minutes.


Jobs are booked with a time allocation of arrival for example between 10 am and 12 noon. then treatment time needs to be considered if the Technician arrives at 12 noon. Please not e the treatment will not be finished until approximatel 1pm.


Please Note: Flea treatments are mainly booked for early morning or late afternoon so the chemical has enough time to soak into the ground and not to evaporate.

Weather Conditions 

Flea Treatments can be be done in dry or wet weather. But not if it is windy.  It is better if the ground is wet. It is advised to soak the ground before treatment.

Insurance and Australian Standards

Surekill Pest Control Pty Ltd is insured by Pacific International. Our Technicians are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority EPA. Our Trainees complete the Rapid Training Course and receive on the job training. Our Technicians are trained to deliver a service in accordance with the Australian Standards.


Free Service Period

Flea Treatments have a Free Service Period of one month. Our Surekill Technician will come back out within the month of treatment if you are still having a flea problem.  


How to prepare for a Flea Treatment?

Treat your pet/s with a flea treatment
Soak the ground with water - grass and garden beds
Wash all pets bedding in hot water
Cut the lawn short
Wash all your bedding in hot water
Vacuum hard floor surfaces, carpets and rugs
Ensure the contents of your vacuum cleaner are double bagged for disposal.

Treatment Time

Turn off airconitioner during treatment
Access to subfloor available
Remove pets from area being treated and their bowls
Close windows
Inform technican of water tank location
Cover fish ponds and bird cages
Chemical sensitive people should leave until chemical dried & premise fully ventilated


Discuss and Inspect

Our Surekill Technician will take the time to discuss your flea problem. They will inspect the environment to get an understanding of the problem. Also they will conduct a Enviornmental Inspection Report to make sure that it is safe to conduct the treatment as required by the EPA (Environment Protection Authority).

Spray inside and outside property

The Surekill Pest Control Technician will spray all surfaces in and around the property and give complete coverage.


  • Spray inside areas: hard floors, surfaces, carpets, rugs and under furniture

  • Spray outside areas: ground, grass, gardens, yard, patio, verandas, decks

Note: Surekill Pest Control Technicians use the safest pesticides available.  We recommend an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which interrupts the life cycle of the flea. 


Payment Options are cash, credit, eftpos or cheque.


Unless specific written arrangements has been provided then full contract price shall be due and payable and recoverable by the Surekill Technician on commencement of the intial treatment.

Dust subfloor

The Surekill Pest Control Technician will use Dragnet dust in the sub floor. It is a flushing agent that has a good residual life.

After Treatment


Our Surekill Technician will discuss your Pest Management Plan when they are at your property. This will include how long until your next treatment and that we will send you a reminder letter. 


Let the Technician know if you have any other pest problems or concerns that you want treated or monitored. They will be able to discuss it with you and  include it in your Pest Management Plan.

Walk to open flea eggs

After treatment it is advised to walk around the property to wake up the flea eggs that have not yet hatched. Flea eggs cannot be killed by any chemcial on the market. Eggs will only hatch when they feel movement of a potential host. That is why it is advised to walk around the enviroment to encourage the eggs to hatch. The flea will then contact the chemical and die. 

Please Note: Flea eggs can lay dormant for more than a year.


Avoid contact with treated surfaces until chemical agent has dried

How to Keep Fleas Away?

Maintain flea treatment 
Rodents can bring fleas so have a rodent control system in place
Renewal Letter

Your Pest Management Plan will let us know when to send you a reminder for your next treatment. A renewal letter or email will be sent to you to advise that your pest treatment is due.  Our Surekill Technician looks forward to seeing you again and keeping your environment pest free!

Regularly vacuum hard floor surfaces, carpets and rugs
Outdoor sensor lights will keep possums away and help with flea control
Contact Surekill 

Please contact our friendly staff to arrange your next Flea Treatment!




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