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Carpet Beetle Control

What is eating the carpet!

It could be those pesty carpet beetles?

Call Surekill on 4341 5585 to safely erradicate the infestation!


  • Carpet Beetles live in carpet and upholstered furniture.


  • We offer a three month free service period


  • We use safe chemicals that don't harm humans or pets

Carpet Beetle Information

Carpet Beetles are a pest because they feed on a wide range of materials not just carpet. Carpet Beetle larvae may feed on or in wood, bee and wasp nest, fur, stored foods, hair, animal carcasses, silk, dead insects, clothes, felts, fabrics, underfelts, and rugs. If you see the carpet beetles flying you may have an infestation. How you know if you have a problem you will see damaged materials, sand-like larval droppings, bristly cast skins, or perhaps live larvae then you know there is activity. 


Carpet Beetles do not bite humans as they only eat plant material and dead matter.


Appearance: Adult carpet beetles are small 5 mm long and oval in shape. The colouring of the adult is brown with white and black blemishes.  Larvae are usually red-brown in colour and have short, stiff, coarse hair all over their bodies.


Reproduction of the carpet beetle the female lays their eggs in uninterupted area that has a good food source for their offspring. The eggs will hatch within 14 to 21 days. The larvae will eat for approximately nine months. It needs to grow big enough to go into the pupate stage. The pupal stage is where they cannot eat and are in immobile state, this usually lasts between 14 to 21 days. Then they emerge as an adult carpet beetle. The adult will  live for about 20 to 40 days. During these days they will reproduce and start the cycle again. 


Habits: The carpet beetle larvae produce droppings which looks like sand. They live in uninterupted areas. In this area there will be lots of droppings and cast skins. The adults mainly feed on pollen and nectar from flowers. When they are located near windows this is because they are trying to get to their main food source pollen and nectar that is outside. Thus, people should be aware that when bringing in flowers from outside to check them for carpet beetles. When they do get inside the building the next thing they do is lay their eggs. This is one way an infestation could start.

Carpet Beetle Identification

Variegated Carpet Beetle

General Information: it will cover a very extensive area and causes destruction. They eat carpet, underfelt, woollens, skin, fur, feathers, horn cereals, meat products, dead preserved insects and other materials.


Appearance of Adult: 2-3 mm long oval shaped body. The hardened top casing protect the underwing and the casing does not split at the abdomen. Blotched in colouring with white, yellow and black.


Appearance of Larvae: 4-5 mm long when ready to go into the pupate stage. The varied beetle has a brown to red colouring. The hair that covers the larvae is short, stiff and coarse. Around the abdomen it has a small cluster of soft and flexible hair. 


Live: 9 months to 1 year

Black Carpet Beetle

General Information: Comparitively they will cover a very extensive area and cause damage. They are frequently are found in birds nests and roof cavities that have been occupied by birds. They can damage woollens, leather, silk, meat products, carpet, upholstered furniture, felt, skins furs, and lots of different stored foods.


Appearance of Adult: 3-5 mm long with a stretched out oval shaped body.  Bright glossy black colour to a dark brown, however, their legs are brown in colour. 


Appearance of Larvae: up to 7mm long when fully fed. The black larvae colouring is redish, brown. The hair that covers the larvae is short, stiff and coarse and it covers the entire body. On the back end from the abdomen of the larvae the hair is soft, flexible and long. It is basically a cluster of this type of hair.


Live: 6 months to 1 year




Australian Carpet Beetle

General Information: Minimual damage compared to the above two beetles. It feeds on woollens, felt and under felt, carpet, plus a variety of stored food.


Appearance of Adult: 2-3 mm long with an oval shaped body. It's colouring is a dark rich black with a number of light patterned marks. 


Appearance of Larvae: 2-3 mm long with a stretched out oval shaped body. It is reddish brown in colour. They are hairy and it covers the larvae. The hair is short, stiff and coarse. The hair from the abdomen is longer and trails behind the larvae. 


Live 9 months to 1 year




Furniture Carpet Beetle

General Information:  Minimual damage compared to the first two beetles. It feeds on carpet, upholstered furniture, and some stored foods.


Appearance of Adult: 2-3.5 mm long oval shaped body.  It is spotted and blotched in the colours yellow, white and black. T he hardened top casing protects the underwing and the casing does not split at the abdomen.


Appearance of Larvae: 5 mm long cone shaped body. The top of the body is wide and then it tapers in. The larvae is dark brown in colour like a brunette.



Live: 9 months to 1 year



Life Cycle of a Beetle



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