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Dead Ants

Ants go marching one by one, around my kitchen!

Do you have an ant problem?

Call Surekill for Dead ant, Dead ant, Dead ant.


  • We offer a one month free service period

  • We use safe chemicals that don't harm humans or pets

Call Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast on 4341 5585
Ant Treatments

There are a variety of ant treatments depending on the ant species and location.

  • ant baits

  • pesticide sprays along trails

  • application of dust in crevices and weepholes

How to help reduce the ant infestation?


You can help reduce the ant infestation by

  • Cleaning up food spills immediately

  • Storing food in containers

  • Making sure that the ants don't have a water source around

  • Removing unconsumed pet food

  • Changing pet feeding areas regularly 

  • Sealing cracks and crevices

  • Cutting back plants and trees that are touching the house

  • Putting your inside garbage outside regularly and keeping the outside bin clean and shut. Don't leave garbage inside overnight.

Ant Facts

Here are some interesting facts about ants:

  • 1000s  of ant species - only a few considered pests (e.g. black house ant and coastal brown ant)

  • Ants live in permanent nests in soil, timber, under pavers, in wall cavities or roof voids

  • Ants travel considerable distances for food

  • Ant activity increases during periods of high humidity and new nests are established

  • Ants can spread disease as they scavenger in unsanitary places e.g. feces and garbage

  • Some ants can bite and sting such as the fire ant

Call Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast on 4341 5585


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