Fly Control

Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me!

How do you get rid of Pesty flies?

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  • Aim to get rid of your fly problem.

  • Target is to use the best products that are safe for your family and pets

  • Ask about our Pest Maintenance Program - Gold, Silver and Bronze

Booking Information


Job Booking - Time & Duration

Fly Treatment duration is approximately 1 hour.



Jobs are booked with a time allocation of arrival for example between 10 am and 12 noon, the the treatment time needs to be considered. If the Technician arrives at 12 noon. Please note the treatment will not be finished until approximately 1pm. 

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Insurance and Australian Standards

Surekill Pest Control Pty Ltd is insured by Pacific International. Our Technicians are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority EPA. Our Trainees complete a training course and then receive ongoing on the job training. Our Technicians are trained to deliver a service in accordance with Australian Standards. 

Pest Treatment can be done when sunny or

Weather Conditions

Fly Treatments depends on location.

Inside Fly Treatments can be done at any time and is not dependant on the weather. 


Outside Fly Control can only be done in dry weather conditions. Technicians are not allowed to spray if it is raining or windy. Also if using baits which are sprinkled around the harbourage areas they will be washed away. 

treatment time

Woman Shuts Window.jpg

Close Windows

Pest Control Treatment - man turns off a

Turn Off Air-Conditioner 


Remove pets from areas being treated and their bowls

Pest Control Treatment cover fish pond.j

Cover fish ponds and bird cages

Pest Control Treatment let Technician kn

Inform Technician of water tank location

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Chemical Sensitive People should leave until chemical has dried and premises are fully Ventilated


Pest Control Technician will Inspect and

Discuss and Inspect

Our Surekill Technician will take the time to discuss your Fly problem They will inspect the environment to get an understanding of the problem. Also they will conduct a Environmental Inspection Report to make sure that it is safe to conduct the treatments required by the EPA (Environmental Protective Authority). 

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Payment Options are cash, cheque EFTPOS, credit card.


Unless specific written arrangements have been provided then the full contract price shall be due, payable and recoverable by the Surekill Technician on commencement of the initial treatment.

Pest Control - spraying outside.jpg

Spray Inside and Outside Property

The Surekill Technician will spray inside and/or outside depending where the known harbourage areas of the flies.

Pest Control - dead flies on fly

Fly Bait

The Surekill Technician may be required to use baits to reduce the fly population in your outside area. They will sprinkle the baits in the known harbourage areas fo the flies.

Fly Trap.jpg

Fly Traps

Fly Traps can be used inside and outside. The Technicianwill advise which fly trapping device is best for reducing your fly problem. 

Inside fly reduction special inside light traps are installed on the wall to attract flies to the fluorescent light. They fly in and die, unknown to people around. They require minimal routine maintenance.

Outside fly reduction is achieved by using fly traps that are positioned in strategic places. The male flies fly into the trap and this is how the population is reduced and female flies are no longer interested in the area that has been targeted.

After treatment

Pest Treatment Management Plan.jpg

Pest Management Plan

Our Surekill Technician will discuss your Pest Management Plan when they are at your property. This will include when your next treatment is scheduled and that you will be sent a text reminder.


Let the Technician know if you have any other pest problems or concerns that you want treated or monitored. They will be able to discuss it with you and include it in your Pest Management Plan. 

Cockroach Control kills the roach that r

Dead Cockroaches

After treatment you might notice dead cockroaches on the ground and/or them dying and moving slowly around. The treatment is working. It takes approximately 21 days before you will see no more activity.


Avoid Contact

Avoid contact with treated surfaces until the chemical agent has dried.

How to keep Flies away?

Pest Control - food safety to keep germa

Keep food and water sources unavailable


German Cockroach Control - wipe benches

Keep Surfaces Clean


German Cockroach Control - empty kitchen

Empty and Clean Inside Bin Daily



Keep outside bins closed and locked


Pest Control - fly screens keep the inse

Fly Screens on doors and windows



Regularly depose of animal waste


Surekill Pest Control - John Walsh

Renewal Text

Your Friends in Pest Control will keep you updated with reminder texts for your next treatment. Our Surekill Technicians look forward to seeing you again and assisting in keeping your environment pest free.