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Termite Inspections 

Leave them alone, we'll save your home. Phone:  4341 5585

1 in 3 Central Coast Homes will have termites!

Does your property have termites?

Call Surekill Pest Control for your peace of mind.

  • We will eliminate your the problem with either baiting or chemical techniques. Then your property may be eligible to receive up to $1 million warranty on future termite damage (conditions apply).

  • We recommend you have a termite inspection and get a report to determine if there are termites and the possible extent of the damage.

Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast
Termite Control Central Coast



Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast

Timber Replacement Insured

Surekill Pest Control strongly recommends regular Termite Inspections be carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards 349.3.

On completion of an inspection you will receive a detailed written report covering evidence of termite activity found,  areas conducive to termite attack, and measures that should be taken to protect your home from future termite attack.

Surekill Pest Control is pleased to be able to offer up to Timber Replacement Insurance subject to conditions of termite work carried out by Surekill Technicians to the Australian Standards.

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