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"Scratch, Scratch" sounded the rat

"Squeak, Squeak"squealed the mouse

Don't be woken by rodents?

Call Surekill to bait your property


  • We offer 3 months free service period

  • We sell special bags to get rid of foul odours

Rodent (Rats & Mice) Baiting

Rodent Information

Buildings are ideal places for rodents because they provide food, water, shelter and warmth against the cold. You may notice rodents inside buildings more often in the cooler months of the year. Surekill Pest Control can advise you on effective ways that you can proof your home against rodents.


Rodents can spread diseases to humans via their droppings or urine, spread sickness via parasites such as intestinal worms and fleas. They contaminate and spoil your food with their urine, droppings and fur. Rodents front teeth continually are growing and therefore need to gnaw. Rats and mice gnaw on a vast range of materials and cause servere physical damage to skirting boards, doors, books, upholstery and food containers. The gnawing of rodents on electrical wiring has been the primary cause of many fires over the years in commercial and domestic buildings.  Surekill Pest Control can survey the property and report our findings . We will set up a guaranteed rodent control program in and around your building and advise how you can help reduce future rodent problems.


Surekill Pest Control in most rodent situations we set up rodent bait stations at varied strategic locations. These rat and mice bait stations hold the bait securely within the station, meaning that the secondary poisoning of other animals is almost totally avoided.

Rodent Identification

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