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Silverfish Control

Ahh something is living in my bathroom


Do you have pesty silverfish?

Call Surekill to safely rid this problem.

  • We offer 6 months free service period

  • We use safe chemicals that don't harm humans or animals

Silverfish Information

Silverfish are a pest because they can be found anywhere in a building. Mainly located in roof cavities they may also be in the walls, subfloor and any place that is dark and undisturbed. They can be found in bathrooms but this is because they have fallen through the fan from the roof. Now they are trapped there as they cannot climb smooth surfaces such as tiles, baths and sinks.


Appearance of adult: 15mm long with a skinny body tapering to the back. Silvery scales cover their body. The antennae are long and they have three appendages from the end of their body.


Appearance of young:  same appearance as adults but smaller.


Harbourages: they are found anywhere that is dark and has no activity. Therefore can be anywhere in a building or dwelling.


Reproduction of the bed bug: the female lays their eggs either in a batch or singular. Hatch within 2 to 8 weeks. The hatchling looks the same as the adult but much smaller. During the first 3 to 24 months they take to become fully grown. They moult during their entire lifetime as young and adults. 


Habit: they are nocurnal insects and do not like light at all. They like to feed on most types of food but mainly like starchy materiasl. They will eat paper and photographs. They like the outer shiny layer of photos. They eat book binding, linens, cottons, wallpaper and glue.

Identify a Silverfish



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