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What to do if you find Termites?​

Minimise the disturbance, termites are shy and will retreat below the ground level only to come up again in a 360 degree radius.  Possibly in an undetectable part of your home.

Don't use fly spray or any insect treatment purchased from a store this may kill the termites you have seen and sprayed  but you will scare the remaining termites from the immediate areas only to reappear (unknown to you) in  close proximity.

Our recommendation is to call Surekill Pest Control who have studied termite activity and will implement a program to eradicate the colony.

What next?

Before commencing termite treatment Surekill will complete a property inspection as per Australian Standards. On completion of this inspection you will receive a detailed written report. The report will cover things such as evidence of termite activity found, areas conducive to termite attack and measure that should be taken to protect your home from termite attack.


Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast
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