Disinfectant Smoke Generator called Fumithor Hygiene
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Sterilisation Smoke - Disinfects  

New Product - Sterilisation Smoke is a highly effective and unique method for improved sterilisation, used extensively throughout Europe. It's low toxicity, dry smoke disinfectant with potent bacterial, virucidal and fungicidal properties, make this smoke the perfect hygiene solution for modern industry and society.

The use of traditional disinfection products often involves problematic handing of hazardous substances and their negative effect on equipment and premises.

By using a dry disinfectant smoke, it is possible to reduce disinfection treatment costs and, at the same time improve the production environment ensuring better working conditions and enhanced product quality. 

The Sterilisation Smoke has been developed to offer an easy to use and safe high performance disinfecting solution, that provides understanding control of direct and indirect contamination sources. 


The wick sparkles for no more than a few seconds before the disinfectant thermal smoke is released. The smoke is generated within 1-2 minutes, so there is absolutely no risk of fire. The smoke completely sterilises all surfaces in the room, even hard to reach areas such as ceilings, under benches, deep cracks and crevices, etc and provides a superior level of disinfectant treatment that simply cannon be achieved bia conventional methods alone.


  • A broad-spectrum microbicide. This substance is effective against all vegetative bacteria, fungi and viruses, it is also sporicidal meaning it kills spores.

  • Optimal effective use of small quantities of disinfectant which minimise any impact on the environment while maximising results.

  • Disinfectant is deposited everywhere (vertical, horizontal and underside of horizontal surfaces) which ensures a more thorough treatment.

  • Easy to treat inaccessible areas - roofs, false roofs, nooks and crannies, etc.

  • Lower operator and worker exposure to disinfectants makes it safer.

  • Does not increase the humidity of the treated rooms meaning fungal growth is not encouraged.

  • Effective treatment of any enclosed area.

Ideal sterilisation solution for

  • Public Health 

    • health institutions and premises, medical centres, clinics, surgery areas, ambulances, saunas, gyms, pools, schools, hotels, cinemas, theatres, libraries, warehouses, offices, homes​

  • Food Industry

    • bakeries, mills, slaughter houses, food processing areas, food and vegetable storage​

  • Animals Health

    • poultry, egg production, animal breeding facilities, kennels​

  • Crop Protection

    • post-harvest, silos, warehouses, ships, greenhouses, cold stores, containers etc......​

Highly Effective Against ........