Bird Management and Proofing

Birds of a feather flock together!

How do we get rid of these birds?

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  • Aim is to move pest birds from your environment

  • Target is to humanly deter the birds 

  • Goal: to stop them annoying you!

Booking Information


Job Booking - Time & Duration

Bird quoting can take approximately 45 minutes. The Surekill Technician will come out to the premises and inspect the area. They will discuss all the options to stop the birds in your environment. Quote emailed. On acceptance of the quote we will arrange a day to conduct the bird management system.


Jobs are booked with a time allocation of arrival for example between 10 am and 12 noon, the the treatment time needs to be considered. If the Technician arrives at 12 noon. Please note the treatment will not be finished until approximately 1pm. 

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Insurance and Australian Standards

Surekill Pest Control Pty Ltd is insured by Pacific International. Our Technicians are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority EPA. Our Trainees complete a training course and then receive ongoing on the job training. Our Technicians are trained to deliver a service in accordance with Australian Standards. 

Pest Treatment can be done when sunny or

Weather Conditions

Bird Management and Proofing weather conditions depends on what the technician is doing to proof the property. If it requires outside work then we will reschedule the job. 

treatment time

Pest Control Treatment need access to th

Provide access into roof and subfloor


Pest Control Technician will Inspect and

Discuss and Inspect

Our Surekill Technician will take the time to discuss what they will being doing to install the Management or Proofing system. They will inspect the environment to get an understanding of the problem. Also they will conduct a Environmental Inspection Report to make sure that it is safe to conduct the treatments required by the EPA (Environmental Protective Authority). 

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Payment Options are cash, cheque EFTPOS, credit card.


Unless specific written arrangements have been provided then the full contract price shall be due, payable and recoverable by the Surekill Technician on commencement of the initial treatment.

Bird Proofing and removing nests

Bird Proofing

Proofing the building is the first thing done by Surekill Technicians. They check if there are holes or access points into the building, roof, ealls, subfloors where birds could be nesting. They treat for bird lice. Then have the building repaired or put use another bird proofing method to stop the birds accessing their nesting area

Post and Wire

Post and wire

Post and Wire deterrent is when the wire deters birds from landing. It is the original bird proofing system that can be considered for buildings with low pressure pigeon or gull problems. It is unobtrusive when installed correctly and is favoured by many architects on specifications. Posts can be drilled into the substrate or stick-on bases can be considered, particularly on lead or zinc cladding.

Pest Control - bird netting on building.


The Netting is used to cover harbourage areas to prevent nesting and perching on sheltered ledges or other surfaces. Netting is the most effective proofing measure, as it can generally work for all species at all pressures. Some nets are no flames nets and have been fire tested and certificated to not propagate a flame and are perfect for fire escapes, light-wells and areas that people may walk near. 

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Spikes are a series of plastic or metal pins usually with a polycarbonate base stuck to ledges to prevent birds from landing on low to medium pressure situations. Spikes are durable, easy to install and cost effective and can be discrete if installed correctly. Spikes can be installed on all types of buildings, surfaces and gutters. In heavy pressure situations other control measures may have to be considered in tandem to maintain effectiveness.

Scaring Device - Surekill Pest Control

Scaring Devices

Scaring devices are very effective in stopping birds coming into a particular area. There are a few different types available:-

Light reflecting device are used to stop the birds flying in the area. They reduce pest bird numbers on commercial and industrial buildings, airstrips and agricultural situation.

Sound devices are effective for birds that are roosting overnight. they let out non repetitive ultrasonic sound waves to discourage the birds from the area. However, this device needs to be used in conjunction with other systems.

Moving device like one with long legs that come out and wave around in the are suitable for flat roof building.

Bird Repellent System

Repellent System

Repellent System is a clever unobtrusive design that provides electrical currents to stop birds landing. It can even be used on sculptures and water features.It is water and moisture proof and does not cause corrosion. No drilling required as secured with natural silicone.


Electric Track System

The Electric Track Systems are discrete electrified tracks that can be used on regular and irregular shaped surfaces. They provide total exclusion to all bird species, even in high pressure roosting situations. The track is 6 mm high and is hard to see close up once installed. It is a humane system and does not harm or injure birds. it is made out of long lasting materials.

Pest Control - cage for trapping birds,


Trapping birds in cages, this is a slower process but can be effective in eradicating the problem pest bird. The cages need to be attended to daily to replace food and wate. Release of non pest birds. 

Rifle Bullets


Shooting is not commonly used by Surekill Technicians. It is an option in extreme case

How you can assist to keep birds away?

Pest control - cracked roof lets in bird

Fix crack and holes in roof tiles, walls 


Cockroach Control - seal cracks and crev

Seal Cracks and Crevices


Cockroach Treatment - fix leaking pipes.

Fix Leaking Pipes


Pet Nutrition Advice

Don't have food available to birds


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Gutter Guards


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Keeping in Touch

Your Friends in Pest Control will keep you updated with reminder texts for your next treatments. Our Surekill Technicians look forward to seeing you again and assisting in keeping your environment pest free.