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Safe Chemicals 


Are they safe?

Yes, the chemicals are biodegradable and are safe for humans, pets and the environment.


The chemical companies have done alot of research in the past 20 years to make safe and effective chemicals to eradicate pests. Surekill Pest Control does not use arsenic, dieldrin and heptachlor that cause damage to humans, animals and the environment. There are a lot of different chemicals on the market but the chemicals explained below (Exterra, Termidor, DuPontAltriset and Premise) are the best on the market and do not cause harm to humans, animals or the environment. Surekill keeps up to date with the latest chemicals and will only use reputable safe chemicals.

Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast
Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast


Exterra Benefits

  • Unique Termite interception zone protects your home.

  • Focus termite attractant draws termites into the Exterra station.

  • Larger station intercepts termites better.

  • Preferred eucalypt timbers ensure termites enter stations.

  • Quality controlled system.

  • Safe for you, your pets and the environment.

  • Eliminates the termite colony.


It's all so simple!

Extera Stations are placed around your property to intercept termites. Once intercepted, Requiem Termite Bait is added to the large Exterra Station without disturbing the termites. The hungry termites feed on the Requiem and colony is eliminated. When active termites are found in your home, Exterra Above ground Stations allow your termite problem to be dealt with quickly, right a the point of termite attack.


The Exterra Quality Tick

Only Exterra offeres you the guarantee that all Exterra Authorised Operators are professionals who have completed an in-depth training program in termite baiting and undertake on-going professional development as part of the Exterra Quality Care program.

Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast
Dupont Altriset'm another title

The Altriset facts worth chewing over.

  • Eliminates termites from structures with 1-3 months.

  • Fast, effective results. Stops termites feeding within hours.

  • Provides continuous protetion for years.

  • Excellent transfer properties for sperior termite population control.

  • The Australian regulatory authorities have classes Altriset as an unscheduled poison

    • No protective equipment (such as overalls, goggles and golves) is required when mixing and applying Altriset

    • No specific first aid required if someone is accidently exposed to Altriset.

  • Favourable environmental profile - as shown by low toxicity to pets, birds, fish, earthworms and even honey bees.

  • The first major innovation in termite technology for over 10 years.

Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast
Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast


Termidor is a non repellant chemical this means termites carry on their normal work without detecting chemical or associating it with death of their workmates. Termites pass the chemical along to the remaining colony by grooming each other and assisting in the feeding process, known as transfer effect resulting in colony elimination.


  • Termidor will prevent concealed termite entry to structures for a minimum of 8 years on all termites species  a claim no other termite control product can make.

  • Termidor is fast - on average, termite activity was eliminated within 4.3 weeks in Australian trials.

  • Termidor has a unique mode of action.

  • Termidor is less water-soluble and binds more tightly to the organic matter in the soil than other non-repellent termiticides. This means it stays where it is applied.

  • Termidor has no effect on soil micro-oranginsms, earth worms or plants.

  • Termidor has been used on over 2 million homes in the US and over 15000 buildings in Australia since its introduction in 2002.

  • Termidor is not a repellant treatment and therefore termites don't know it is there increasing the chances of termites coming into contact with the active ingredients to give the desired affect.

Surekill Pest and Termite Control Central Coast
Premisem another title

Premise is produced by the company Bayer. Bayer Environmental Science is a Business Operation of Bayer CropScience which specialises in the development of marketing of pest, weed and plant-disease control solutions for non-crop situations, this encompasses professional and rural pest control, termite management, mosquito and locust control, turf and amenity horticulture, industrial vegetation management, sorted product protection and home garden.


Premise 200 SC Termiticide is registered for use for post construction termite control by professional Pest Managers. Premise kills termites on contact.


Premise Foam Insecticide is used by professional pest managers to kill the termite colony by direct application to termite nests and to kill termites existing within a structure by treatment of infested timbers and voids. It is also registered for use against ants, cockroaches and European wasps.


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