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Can you STOP mice and rats moving IN?

Get rid of your mouse problem!

Daily Rodent Mail said, "Winter is approaching! Rodents are on the move, from their summer houses to their winter homes. It will soon be too cold to party at the park and beach. Avoid the harsh winter conditions. Snuggle in front of the fire and watch Ratatouille. Sold will be on this mouse home soon! "


Pest Control Technician's work in all types of areas. For example the Central Coast, NSW area includes two Council areas Gosford and Wyong. These areas includes high density housing, farms, factories, and other enterprises where issues with rats and mice are common.

While the Central Coast hasn't had a true mouse plague, rodents have always been about. As winter approaches rodents will often move into houses, sheds and other premises to escape the cold conditions.

Rodents are definitely on the increase during the cooler months of the year. They come in from the cold and into the roof voids. Pest Control Companies then get phone calls from people reporting scuttling in the roof.

How do you get rid of rodents?

Pest Control Technicians can use the bait Ditrac on their rodent cases for commercial, industrial, rural and domestic customers. It is a cylindrical block with grooves to encourage rodents natural gnawing habits. The rodents only need to feed on this bait once for it to be fatal.

A key feature of the block is its longevity in a variety of weather conditions and environments.

Where do you place the rodent baits?

Pest Control Technicians place the Ditrac blocks in roof cavities. They are strategically dispersed through the area to make sure the rodents access the bait, thus the rodent population will be controlled quickly and effectively.

The blocks have a centre hole so they can be threaded with wire and connected to beams and other objects along the path which the mice and rats are known to travel. This particular option is good in areas such as hay sheds and other rural structures.

Lockable boxes are used. The Ditrac blocks are placed on a metal spike inside the box. The lockable boxes are deployed in scenarios where non target animals and humans are in these area as well. The lockable boxes stop humans and pets from being in direct contact with the bait.

Should commercial and industrial properties get ongoing maintenance?

Yes, commercial and industrial areas should be monitored and checked for all pest types every month to three months. Ask your Technician to put you on a Winning Pest Management Program. The key to this program is to follow it and keep your Pest Controller coming regularly to do his part. Be assured a good maintenance program will keep the pest away. If it is not then discuss with your pest controller. If they cannot get rid of these pests then find a pest controller who will. You pest problems can be eliminated.

For rodent control in commercial and industrial areas we use Ditrac it kills rats and mice that are entering the building. Pest Control Technicians will deploys lockable boxes around the perimeter of the building. They are checked regularly. Thereby helping to prevent the pests from entering and damaging valuable assets inside the building.

By using the Ditrac bait Pest Control Technicians will surely kill your rodents.


"Daily Rodent Mail" - Help the Central Coast Survivers

Rats and mice are fleeing the Central Coast in their thousands as Pest Control Companies in the area are on a killing spree. They are mass murdering like ....

Your Friends in Pest Control,

Surekill Pest Control Rodent Baiting for mice and rats on the Central Coast

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