Products and Chemicals 

Disinfectant Smoke Generator that provides a new concept for improved sterilisation. Dynamic Smoke Dispersion Technology, provides for the fast expansion of the fine smoke fragmets and their swift displacement on surfaces. It kills germs on contact.

Ideal sterilisation solution for

  • Public Health 

    • health institutions and premises, medical centres, clinics, surgery areas, ambulances, saunas, gyms, pools, schools, hotels, cinemas, theatres, libraries, warehouses, offices, homes​

  • Food Industry

    • bakeries, mills, slaughter houses, food processing areas, food and vegetable storage​

  • Animals Health

    • poultry, egg production, animal breeding facilities, kennels​

  • Crop Protection

    • post-harvest, silos, warehouses, ships, greenhouses, cold stores, containers etc......​

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