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Termite Warranty

The warranties available are: 

  • FMC Million Dollar Warranty


FMC Million Dollar Warranty

FMC want to make  a commitment to the Australian homeowner absolute and transparent. Knowing that most general household insureane does not cover termite damage, they have introduced the ultimate termite secure warranty for Australian homeowner. A no-nonsense, simple warranty covering all structual and decorative timbers that are proteted by an Eflex termite barrier which has been installed by a FMC Eflex Accredited Operator.


Eflex Accredited Operators are all licensed pest conbtrollers can purchase Eflex products. However, only specially trained FMC Eflex Accredited Operators can arrange the FMC Million Dollar Warranty  (to be issued by FMC when Eflex products have been used to the recommendations of all relevant Australian standards, registered label instructions and the Eflex Accredited Operators Training Manual.



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