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Termite Prevention

Termite Inspection

It is strongly recommended in the industry to have regular Termite Inspections, according to the Australian Standards 349.3 it states

A detailed report is emailed on completion of an inspection it covers thing like evidence of termite activity found, areas conducive to termite attack and measures that should be taken to protect your home from future termite attack. We subscribe to Report Writer which is an electronically updated report systems by Rapid Solutions our Insurance Company.

Recommended at least one a year

Monitoring and Baiting System

Baiting for termites is a very effective and affordable method of termite control. With baiting we can now eliminate the termite colony with minimal amounts of termiticide and to continue monitoring the site without the use of toxic chemicals. Our Technicians are trained and qualified to use a monitory and baiting system. Baiting is usually the best option to treat active termites.

Registered with Exterra

Chemica Barrier Treatments

A complete Chemical Barrier Treatment is created by trenching or drilling around the external and internal footings of your home and applying liquid termiticide as per label directions and to the Australian Standards. There are two main options with chemical barriers repellent or non repellent chemical.

Repellent Chemical the termites know the chemical is present, termites keep moving along the barrier to find a break in the chemical barrier.

Non-Repellent Chemical means the termite don't know the chemical is in the soil and once they come into contact they die.

Termidor, Premise or DuPont Altriset

Drill and Injection of Trees

Drilling and Injecting trees should be undertaken if there is activity in the tree. To determine the tree has termites the Technician will firstly inspect the tree. 


External inspection as some species of termite eat the bark and form nests on the outside of the trees.


Internal Inspection as termite species nests can be found inside the tree and no evidence of them on the outside. To find out if there is termite activity in the tree the Technician then drills in strategic places to determine that they are present.


If activity is found then the Technician will treat the tree with Termidor.

Tree treated with Termidor

Timber Replacement Warranty

We are pleased to be able to offer a Timber Replacement Warranty through a third party, however, it is subject to the conditions of termite work carried out by our Technicians to the Australian Standards. 

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