Protect you most valuable asset from Termites!

Do you want to know if your property has termites?

Call Surekill Pest Control to do your Termite Inspection 

  • We email termite inspection report once completed

  • We advise to have at least an annual termite inspection

Termite Inspection

What to expect from our Technician conducting a termite inspection?

Technicians who do Termite Inspections and treatments have to be agile and fit to be able to crawl and climb through your subfloor and roof. They are searching for evidence of termite activity by using a flashlight and donger. If they find damaged timber, mud casings on timber frames, walls and/or footings, they will be able to investigate if there are termites or evidence of past activity and or treatments. 

Inside your property they can use different equipment to locate termites. A moisture metre can be used to locate high moisture variances which is a conducive condition for termites. They may use a Termatrac on your walls as a moisture metre or a thermal reading device to locate thermal variances in the wall. If the readings give signs that there maybe termite activity then the Technician will discuss options for treatments and further investigations.

Our Technicians are professional and friendly

Termite Report

On completion of the inspection you will be emailed a detailed report. We use Report Writer by Rapid Solutions our insurance company. It is updated electronically regularly. The report covers evidence of termite activity found, areas conducive to termite attack and measure the should be taken to protect your home from future attack.  

We follow Australian Standards

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