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Disinfectant Smoke for Improve Sterilisation


A Donger is used to tap at the timber to see if it is hollow. The donger will pearce through soft timber. If the donger goes through the wood easily then there is usually evidence of termite damage or it could be wood rot caused by the timber being damp. If timber rot is found then termites might not be far away as they like soft wet timber.

Moisture Meter

 A Moisture Meter is used to locate moisture variences on internal walls. Moisture is one of the main condusive conditions for termites.


A Camera is used to look into the wall cavity. A small hole is drilled into the wall and then the snake camera in inserted into the wall. An image of the termite activity or damage is  then produced on the hand held screen.


A flashlight is important when finding termites as the technician must search the sub floor and in the roof. They are looking for termite leads and evidence of termite activity past and present.

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The Termatrac has a built in moisture metre and a thermal reading device to look for temperature variences in the wall. It also uses microwave technology like a depth sounder on a boat looking for fish.

Protective Clothing

Technicians wear protective clothing when conducting a Termite Inspection as they have to crawl through the sub floor and in the roof. 


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