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Cockroaches at this Restaurant? NO, and this is WHY?

Restaurant with no pests care of Surekill Pest Control servicing the Central Coast NSW

This Restaurant knows about the Winning Pest Management Program that is used in commercial settings for dealing with cockroaches. It is an integrated system that looks at all pests. The pest are either causing problems or have the potential to. The Technician will either: eliminate the pest or put in procedures and treatments that will keep these pest away. Some procedures used will need the owner and staff of the restaurants help to implement.

Now: Let's take a look at the restaurant:-



People come to the restaurant on a cool winters night! What do they think, if the restaurant has:-

  • Heaps of delicious meals

  • Heaps of wonderful drinks

  • Heaps of warmth from the fireplace

Great times are had by the customers. Photos uploaded to Facebook they receive heaps of likes and shares. They fondly talk about their night at this restaurant.

BUT, the next time they come to the restaurant .... it is a cold, rainy, winters night. What do they think, if the restaurant has:-

  • No food

  • No drink

  • No roof

They would leave and find another restaurant that is open. However, they will come back when the renovations have been finished.

NOW: Imagine you are a Cockroach

Cockroaches and other pests are the same they will come to a restaurant, if it has:-

  • Lots of food

  • Lots of water

  • Lots of harbourage areas

Cockroaches and other pests will come and leave, if it has:-

  • No food

  • No drink

  • No harbourage areas

Note: cockroaches and other pest that come near your restaurant will die, if it has:-

  • Spray

  • Gel

  • Dust

  • Bait

Result: No Cockroach or Pests at the Restaurant!

If restaurants have regular Pest Control Treatments they will not have a pest problem! The usual Pest Control Treatment recommendation, for restaurants and the food industry, is to have quarterly treatments. However, if there is a bad infestation to begin with, then more regular pest treatments would be necessary (for example: monthly). Until the problem is under control and you can go on a maintenance program. Also if the pest are not under control with quarterly treatments that is also when the treatments would have to be done more regularly.

In commercial kitchens, it is highly recommended, to get a pest problem under control quickly. Then, you go onto a maintenance program, so you never have to deal with an infestation again. Also, don't run the risk of possible closure, if an Inspector finds your place infested with pests, it will be closed down. The NSW Food Authority who regularly inspect cafés, restaurants and retail food outlets are there to verify that you comply with the Food Standards Code. Customers want a restaurant that is clean, serves wonderful food and has great service.


In conclusion: the Pest Control Technicians needs to implement a Winning Pest Management Program for your restaurant, so you can achieve a Pest Free Restaurant. Also, YOU the restaurant owner/manager have to have good hygiene practises established in YOUR restaurant. Then there will be no unwanted pests at your restaurant. They will dine elsewhere.

Your Friends in Pest Control

Surekill Pest Control Commercial Cockroach Treatment servicing the Central Coast NSW

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