Rodents - rats and mice

"Scratch, Scratch" sounded the rat

"Squeak, squeak" sounded the mouse

Are you being woken by rodents?

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Why are Rodents a pest?

Rodents throughout history have always been a pest as they eat our stored products and bring diseases. The presence of rats and mice in buildings is seen as being unwelcome from the perspective of food being spoiled and contaminated, disease transmission to humans and the physical damage.

Contamination of Food - Rats and mice are responsible for contaminating food either by eating the food or by their presence in the food. They contaminate the food by leaving hair, faeces and urine. A rodents can be identified by their droppings

Do Rodents carry diseases?


Where do Rodents live?


Any unusual habits of Rodents?


Norway Rat


Roof Rat


House Mouse