Ground Dwelling Spider Control

Incy Wincy spider crawled ...

How do you make your property less appealing to Ground Dwelling Spiders?

Get advice below on how to avoid these wandering spiders.

  • ​Unfortunately, we do not provide services for Ground Dwelling Spiders (e.g. funnel web and  white tip spiders) as they are wandering spiders. If a chemical is sprayed on the surfaces the spider will not ingest enough chemical to die. In the majorities of cases it is ineffective and there are no chemicals on the market that the label has Ground Dwelling Spiders.

  • How can I stay safe from these wandering spiders?

  • Below are things you can do to minimise them on your property.

How to keep ground dwelling spiders at bay?


Keep shoes indoors and away

Pick things up off the floor that they could crawl into. These spiders have not made it back to their burrow so are getting away from the light. They live in dark, underground burrows and wander at night time in search of a mate. 


Keep environment tidy


Flea Control - cut lawn short.jpg

Keep lawn cut short


Cockroach Treatment - remove all piles.j

Clear away piles on property


Pest Control - Door Draft Excluders.jpeg

Door draft excluders


Pest Control for spiders - seal all wind

Seal doors and windows