Carpet Beetle Treatment

Burtie Beetle destroyed your magic carpet!!

How do you get rid of pesty carpet beetles?

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  • Aim is to rid your place of carpet beetles

  • Target is to use the best products that are safe for your family and pets

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Booking Information

Job Booking - Time & Duration

Carpet Beetle Treatment duration is approximately 45 minutes. Jobs are booked with a time allocation of arrival for example between 10 am and 12 noon, the the treatment time needs to be considered. If the Technician arrives at 12 noon. Please note the treatment will not be finished until approximately 12:45 pm. 

Insurance and Australian Standards

Surekill Pest Control Pty Ltd is insured by Pacific International. Our Technicians are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority EPA. Our Trainees complete a training course and then receive ongoing on the job training. Our Technicians are trained to deliver a service in accordance with Australian Standards. 

Weather Conditions

Carpet Beetle Treatments are done inside the property so the weather does not play a part in doing this treatment. 

Service Period

Carpet Beetle  Treatment has a 3 month service period. Call out fee $50. Our Surekill Technician will come back out within the service period if you are still having a Carpet Beetle problem.

How to prepare for a carpet beetle treatment?


Vacuum hard floor surfaces, carpet and rugs

Clean Up 

treatment time

Pest Control Treatment - man turns off a

Turn Off Air-Conditioner 


Remove pets from areas being treated and their bowls

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Chemical Sensitive People should leave until chemical has dried and premises are fully Ventilated


Discuss and Inspect

Our Surekill Technician will take the time to discuss your American Cockroach problem They will inspect the environment to get an understanding of the problem. Also they will conduct a Environmental Inspection Report to make sure that it is safe to conduct the treatments required by the EPA (Environmental Protective Authority). 


Payment Options are cash, cheque EFTPOS, credit card.


Unless specific written arrangements have been provided then the full contract price shall be due, payable and recoverable by the Surekill Technician on commencement of the initial treatment.


The Surekill Technician will apply spray to the edges of the carpet where carpet beetles are known to eat carpet. They will locate where the activity is. Rugs will be sprayed. Areas where there is a build up of dust, pet fur, skin scales as these are often sites of infestation.

Dust in Roof Void

The Surekill Technician will apply dust in the roof void. If there has been birds nesting in the roof it would need to be treated.

After treatment

Avoid contact with treated surfaces until the chemical agent has dried.

How to keep carpet beetles away?

Gold medal, silver medal and bronze meda

Pest Maintenance Programs

Surekill offers three Pest Maintenance Programs that are designed to target pests on your premises. The Carpet Beetles is included in all 3 Pest Maintenance Programs

Ask about our Gold, Silver and Bronze Pest Maintenance Programs

Carpet Beetle Control - cut flowers shou

Food Safety

Keep food and water sources unavailable 

Flea Control - wash pet bedding in hot w

Seal Cracks and Crevices


Bird Control - Budgerigar on white.jpg

Fix Leaking Pipes


German Cockroach Control - store food in

Clear Away Piles on Properties




Vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture regulary 

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Keeping in Touch

Your Friends in Pest Control will keep you updated with reminder texts for your next treatments. Our Surekill Technicians look forward to seeing you again and assisting in keeping your environment pest free.